Chenguang Liu

or 刘 辰 光
PhD Candidate
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Office: EERC 7.852
2501 Speedway,
Austin, TX, 78712
PGP Key MIT PGP Server

I am a PhD candidate in software engineering with focus on mobile and pervasive systems. I work with Dr. Christine Julien in the MPC group. I am interested in making the mobile resources (e.g. sensor data, IoT devices) more accessible to each other with wireless peer-to-peer communication. More specifically, my interests include but not limited to collaborative sensing and neighbor/resource discovery.(CV in pdf).


TA Experience

Fall 2017: (EE382V) Advanced Programming Tools, Instructor: Christine Julien(UTAustin)
Fall 2016: (EE382V) Mobile Computing, Instructor: Christine Julien(UTAustin).
Spring 2016, Fall 2015: (EE461L) Software Engineering and Design Laboratory, Instructor: Meiru Che(UTAustin)
Spring 2015: (EE461L) Software Engineering and Design Laboratory, Instructor: Christine Julien(UTAustin)
Spring 2013: (0DG02) Integrated Enterprise Management Systems, Instructor: Andreas Nunnemann(SAP/Peking Univ)
Fall 2012, Spring 2012: (0C101) Software Component and Middleware Instructor: Huiping Lin(Peking Univ)

Internship/Coop Experience

Google Inc. Mountain View, CA
IBM - The China Systems and Technology Lab Beijing, China
Ericsson Beijing, China