Chenguang Liu

or 刘 辰 光
PhD Student
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Office: POB Buiding, Room 5.104
201 E. 24th St.
Austin, TX 78712-1229

I am a third year PhD student in software engineering with focus on mobile and pervasive systems. I work with Dr. Christine Julien in the MPC group. I am interested in making the mobile computing resources (e.g. IoT devices) more accessible to each other with regards to the software aspects. More specifically, my interests include but not limited to collaborative sensing, neighbor/resource discovery, and distributed hashing(CV in pdf).


TA Experience

Fall 2016: (EE382V) Mobile Computing, Instructor: Christine Julien(UTAustin).
Spring 2016, Fall 2015: (EE461L) Software Engineering and Design Laboratory, Instructor: Meiru Che(UTAustin).
Spring 2015: (EE461L) Software Engineering and Design Laboratory, Instructor: Christine Julien(UTAustin).
Spring 2013: (0DG02) Integrated Enterprise Management Systems, Instructor: Andreas Nunnemann(SAP/Peking Univ.).
Fall 2012, Spring 2012: (0C101) Software Component and Middleware Instructor: Huiping Lin(Peking Univ.)

Internship/Coop Experience

Fall 2011: IBM - The China Systems and Technology Lab
Spring&Summer 2011: Ericsson
Summer 2010: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science